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With advancements in technology, the lifestyle of our current generation is so high paced that our society struggles to switch off and be present.

It also means that our kids are growing up in an environment surrounded by many of these tech innovations – including electronic devices. While these devices certainly have a place in our society, it is also incredibly important that our kids grow up knowing how to explore and grow in their natural environment without the interruption from these advancements and distractions.

R – resilience
A – adventure
n – nurture
C – challenge
h – here & now!

Physical Literacy is a term we’ve recently become familiar with. It is alarming that more and more kids are growing up without knowing how to throw a ball or ride­ a bike. Physical literacy is essentially having the motivation, confidence and physical competence to undertake physical activities for life. Things that can aid kids in their physical literacy journey are having active role models, that play and participate with them and helping them discover physical activity. The Ranch can undoubtedly help with providing a wonderful space for kids to run around and introduce them to all the values that The Ranch stands for – Resilience, Adventure, Nurture, Challenge and to be ‘Here and Now’.

Camp builds RESILIENCE as this is often (particularly for the younger grades) the first time kids have been away from their family or familiar environments. They learn to cope with unfamiliar circumstances an unexpected situations like trying activities, eating new food, sharing a cabin with other people. Camp experiences provide wonderful life skills that can help enable kids to face difficult situations, and often gives kids the opportunity to further develop their coping skills.

We provide a number of ADVENTURE activities, many that kids (and adults) have never tried before. Mountainboarding is the latest in action sports. Originally started as a way of Snowboarding all year round, it has quickly become a fully-fledged sport of its own. It is a crossover between skateboarding and snowboarding, with elements of other action sports such as BMX.

Horse riding is another popular activity that many kids love and wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to do if it wasn’t for attending camp. There are also all of our harness activities that include a Rock Climbing wall, Giant Swing, Crate Climb and more. The Ranch provides countless activities to CHALLENGE all ages.

We acknowledge that being away from home can be a daunting experience, especially when it’s the first time! Providing an environment where we can NURTURE is very important to us. Our staff are fully trained in running activities, all have their Working With Children’s Checks and follow the Child Protection Safety Standards. But we believe it requires so much more than that to provide an environment that is nurturing. Our staff and space allow kids to be themselves, to be heard and feel comfortable doing so. This is particularly important for our Summer Camp where there are some kids who don’t know anyone!

The Ranch mission is to get people (of all ages, cultures and abilities) outdoors, having fun in a safe environment! This is becoming increasingly important for our kid’s physical ability and literacy. Physical activity has also shown positive correlations to mental health benefits. We believe it is really important for kids to get outdoors and experience the HERE AND NOW!

The Ranch is committed to reigniting kids inner thirst for ‘awesomeness’ with a Camp like no other – so Hit the Switch and come to The Ranch!

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