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Immerse yourself in the rustic charm of the great outdoors with our new Ranch fire pits, now available for hire as part of your accommodation package.
Gather around the crackling flames under the starry sky, swapping stories and roasting marshmallows for the perfect evening retreat. Whether you’re seeking a cozy night in or a social gathering with friends and family, our Ranch fire pits provide the ideal ambiance for unforgettable memories amidst nature’s embrace.

Staying at The Ranch? Book your fire pit!


Long Service Leave? Reenergising? Recharging the batteries? A Break? Research? Call it what you will, but for us, it’s all of the above!

People have questioned how it’s even possible to leave a business for this long (10 months)!

The answer is pretty easy for us. Back yourself, back your team and back your business. We couldn’t do it if we fell short on any one of these things.

Between Jan 2019 and Dec 2021, our immediate family experienced a significant amount of trauma and grief. Summed up briefly, a major car accident (resulting in a traumatic brain injury), 2 deaths, a house fire, I had blood sepsis and that was separate to what we were dealing with in our business life. There was a few major incidents in the business also, not
excluding being closed for 270 days during COVID and needing to sell our house. Throw home-schooling into the mix and what we got out of it was “life is too short”. Cliché or not, it couldn’t have rang more true.

Living onsite makes it very hard to switch off and like a lot of business owners (especially in our industry) we have struggled to get/take time off, but we really needed this for our family, the business and our future vision.

Our tagline in our business is to ‘hit the switch’ on your everyday routine. Our business promotes this, so we thought it was time to practise what we preach and spent the next 2 years preparing our team and business for 2024 without us. We spent 2 years really working on our team culture! What does team culture look like to us? I’ll save that for anther post,
but essentially what we got – is an extended family in our staff. Loyalty, Trust, Fun, Hard Work, Support & the Encouragement to take a break. What sort of team encourages their managing directors to take a year off? One that understands, and more importantly has the ability and motivation to do so (manage the operations without us).

What we will get out of having nearly a year away from the business (operations) is:
– A stronger business (we have seen so many things we want to implement)
– A stronger team as they have had to lead without us
– Stronger relationships (between us, our kids, people we’ve met and our team)
– Richer memories
– Renewed energy and motivation
– We now know we can have a PROPER break and the team and business will be fine!

I leave you with the advice my passing dad gave to me – “make sure you do it, because there’ll always be a reason not to” in our case dad was referring to our trip.



Since January 2024, up to the present day, a total of 2070 children have experienced their school camp at The Ranch.

That’s over TWO-THOUSAND…..

  • Registration and Permission Forms
  • Medical forms, including any allergies or health conditions.
  • Bags packed with appropriate clothing and gear including clothing, hats, water bottles.
  • Arrangement of transportation to and from the event, including car trips to and from school.
  • Arrangement of any associated costs with the event.
  • Information newsletters read.
  • Support, encouragement, hugs and farewells.

That’s a-lot of Mum’s making sure their kids have a life-changing week!

We want to thank and acknowledge all the Mums (and those playing the role of a Mum) for their part in making adventure at the Ranch happen.

Here’s a special 15% off horse riding experiences throughout the month of May. Just use code 15MOTHERS at checkout to avail the discount. Enjoy nature and enjoy coffee and cake at our on-site Chapel.


Yesterday we had an all staff training day.

The staff were split into 5 groups. They were given a pack with bits and bobs, instructions, and were asked to build it with a stubby holder on one hand (each using only one hand to build with).

Half way through their build they were asked to watch a video.

The video showed the final product of what they were building.

They were building a prosthetic hand.

The feeling that they were experiencing is one that I knew. I felt it when I did this same activity in a leadership course. Initial sadness, followed by a profound sense of gratitude knowing that we were contributing to changing someone’s life.

As well as providing someone with a hand, we were also teaching our staff a very valuable lesson.

We talked about:
The motivation and level of applied effort before watching the video (didn’t know what they were building) Vs after watching the video (when they did).
What work is and why we do it.
The power of a team comes from purpose, not from the blind repetition of work.
Thinking about the purpose of our work, unlocks the potential of awareness, caring and collaboration amongst the team.

* ​This was the perfect example of how motivation for something can change when we know the impact, but on the flip side highlighting the importance of giving our best all the time, because we never know the impact we’re having on someone’s life, or just simply someone’s day.*

Thank you @helpinghandsanz for allowing us to gift 5 x hands to those in need 🙏🏼


If you have been to The Ranch over the last few weeks, you may have noticed some cool new items popping up in The Chapel. We have paired with Cotopaxi to bring some awesome hats, jumpers and bags to The Ranch!

We searched high and low to find a brand that has the same values we do with a strong focus on sustainability, that is also practiCOOL. Have a read through about Cotopaxi HERE. 

Stay tuned to see what else will be arriving soon…


Join us at The Ranch every Monday throughout term 4 for an hour mountainboarding lesson.

An awesome activity for 7yo – 14yo, beginner – intermediate riders.

Start date: 9th October, 2023
Time: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Cost: $225 for all 9 sessions

‘Hit the Switch’ on your after school activities!



Ladies, now’s your chance to try Mountainboarding!

We are pumped to be offering FREE girls only sessions of Mountainboarding as part of the ‘This Girl Can Campaign’, to encourage girls to get out there and try something different in a safe and judgement free environment!

Saturday 14th October, 2023
10 am session (7 yo – 17 yo)
11:30am session (mixed ages)
1pm session (18 yo and above)




We had so much fun in Term 2 with our weekly mountainboarding lessons that we are doing it again in Term 3!

Sign up for a term of mountainboarding adventure starting on the 14th of July.

When: Every Friday night (starting June 14) from 4pm – 5pm
Age: 7 – 14 yo
Experience level: Beginners – intermediate

Cost: Full term $250pp (10 sessions)

All boards and safety equipment is provided, all you need to bring is your sense of adventure!

Spaces are limited and are filling quickly! Bookings can be made by heading to July 14 on our booking calendar…



We are super excited to introduce Rancher!!! Rancher is our mascot who represents all the Ranch Values.

Rancher is:

R – resilient
A – adventurous
N – nurturing
C – loves a challenge
H – enjoys being present in the ‘here and now’

Meet Rancher…

Rancher will be arriving in 3D later this year.

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