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Yesterday we had an all staff training day.

The staff were split into 5 groups. They were given a pack with bits and bobs, instructions, and were asked to build it with a stubby holder on one hand (each using only one hand to build with).

Half way through their build they were asked to watch a video.

The video showed the final product of what they were building.

They were building a prosthetic hand.

The feeling that they were experiencing is one that I knew. I felt it when I did this same activity in a leadership course. Initial sadness, followed by a profound sense of gratitude knowing that we were contributing to changing someone’s life.

As well as providing someone with a hand, we were also teaching our staff a very valuable lesson.

We talked about:
The motivation and level of applied effort before watching the video (didn’t know what they were building) Vs after watching the video (when they did).
What work is and why we do it.
The power of a team comes from purpose, not from the blind repetition of work.
Thinking about the purpose of our work, unlocks the potential of awareness, caring and collaboration amongst the team.

* ​This was the perfect example of how motivation for something can change when we know the impact, but on the flip side highlighting the importance of giving our best all the time, because we never know the impact we’re having on someone’s life, or just simply someone’s day.*

Thank you @helpinghandsanz for allowing us to gift 5 x hands to those in need 🙏🏼

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