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Entry into The Ranch is at your own risk and by entering our premises you  agree to these terms and conditions and the associated risks: 

Management of The Ranch always maintains the right to refuse or cancel a  booking/s, within the limits of the law, from any persons/group whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate for our venue.  

Any guest/s booking activities or accommodation at The Ranch thereby agrees on  behalf of all persons for whom the booking is sought that they will (at all times)  respect the Ranch values (listed below) and will not permit activities inconsistent  with these values.  

The Ranch reserves the right to terminate a client or guests’ occupancy without notice for any breach of these Terms and Conditions.  


1.Entry to the Ranch is free, however activity and accommodation fees are applicable to all visitors.

2.The Ranch does not accept any responsibility for personal property left behind or damaged on the property.

3.The Ranch staff are empowered to take any action deemed necessary for the  appropriate conduct of the camp/venue.  

4.Strictly no pets allowed.

5.Children must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian and must be supervised at all times. The Ranch takes no responsibility for children left unattended. All children remain the responsibility of their Parent or Guardian.

6. Please be aware the property has uneven ground. 

7.Appropriate footwear is to be worn at all times.

8.All litter is to be placed in bins provided. Please recycle accordingly in appropriate bins.

9.The speed limit within The Ranch is strictly 10 KPH.

10.All vehicles entering The Ranch property do so at the owner’s risk. The  Ranch does not accept responsibility for any damage caused to vehicles  within the property. 

11.Out of Bounds: The Barn, Horse Stables/yards, Work sheds, Residence and all fenced/signed areas are deemed ‘out of bounds’.  

12.The Ranch is a smoke and drug free venue. This includes cigarettes, e cigarettes, vaping and any other form of smoking (including sheesha etc).

13.Courtesy towards other guests’ personal property and the environment  (including language and noise) is required at all times.  

14.The entire facility and its grounds are private property.  

15.All areas of The Ranch including buildings and grounds hired by/used by the  client are to be maintained in a clean and tidy condition. 

16.All personal information supplied will only be used in accordance with The  Ranch Privacy Policy, a copy of which can be supplied upon request.

17.The client is responsible for compliance with all applicable regulations of the  Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act and any other applicable Act of  Parliament or law relating to Occupational Health and Safety.


18.You must exercise caution in relation to any of our animals and observe any  reasonable direction that we give you. 

19.We are not liable in respect of any injury or otherwise to an individual which is  contributed to or caused by any act by an animal whatsoever. 

20.Animals are to be treated with care. 

21.Please do not feed any animals unless approved by Ranch staff. 22.No running in yards, paddocks or chasing any animals. 

23.Parents/guardians or carers are to ensure that children wash their hands after  touching or handling animals. 


24.All activities within The Ranch, including Horse Riding and Adventure  Activities are only to be used under direct supervision from Ranch staff. 25.All activity areas, including Horse Riding trails and paddocks are strictly out of  bounds, unless under supervision by Ranch staff. 

26.All activities, including Adventure Activities and Horse Riding will commence  only after all safety precautions are completed, including completed  waivers/consent forms, all participants wearing appropriate safety/protective  equipment etc 

27.The Ranch staff reserve the right to cancel or discontinue an activity if they  deem that conditions are unsafe, or that participants are unruly, and/or  behaving in a manner that affects the safety of the individual, and/or group. 

28.The Ranch cannot be held liable if an individual is killed or injured because an  activity was not supplied with due care and skill or was not reasonably fit for  purpose. 

29.All individuals entering The Ranch, and/or participating in Ranch activities, do  so at their own risk, and without coercion. If any participant breaks any conditions; 

(a) The Ranch cannot be held liable for any damage, injury or loss of life  caused by the individual. 

(b) The Ranch cannot be held liable for any injury, or loss of life to the  individual. 

(c) The individual shall not issue or institute any claim, action, suit or demand  for any loss or damage suffered as a result of this breach. 

30.To the maximum extent permissible by law, The Ranch is not liable for  negligence under common law or statute whatever the cause. 

31.The Ranch reserves the right to remove any individual and/or group from the  property at any time including those who appear intoxicated by alcohol or  drugs.


32.Guests must not enter The Ranch or surrounding grounds prior to 3 pm on the  day of your arrival unless you have activities booked or it’s approved by  Ranch Management. Guests must check-out by 10am on departure day  unless approved by Ranch Management. 

33.Before departure, all areas used or occupied by the client are to be checked  and tidied to a standard acceptable to The Ranch, and equipment returned to  its specific area. Failure to do so may result in an additional cleaning fee. 

34.Guests are only permitted to access the buildings which have been allocated  to the guest and/or their group. 

35.All damages including breakages, theft or loss to any Ranch property (or  equipment) is to be reported to Ranch staff asap. All damages and loss  incurred will be charged to the booking guest. No account will be finalised until  full restitution for any damage and/or loss has been received. 

36.Sporting equipment is the responsibility of the guest. 

37.All noise is to cease by 11.30 pm. Unruly behaviour is not acceptable.

38.All electrical equipment brought onto the facility must be tested and tagged in  accordance with Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.  

39.Alcohol can only be consumed by persons over 18. 

40.No facility bedding, furniture or equipment is to be removed or moved from its  designated area without the prior authority of Ranch Management.  

41.If you or a group member falls sick during your stay, you/they must isolate and  vacate the property as soon as practicable. Communicable illnesses – must  be reported immediately to management. Clients must ensure guests do not  attend The Ranch with a communicable illness or related symptoms. The  booker will accept all costs incurred in the clean-up and disinfection of The  Ranch to the satisfaction of the local Health Department, due to the  introduction of a communicable illness by a guest or group of guests.

42.Weapons, fire crackers, mosquito coils, candles and illicit drugs are all  prohibited.  

43.No fires unless authorised by Ranch management. All wood is to be provided  by guest unless alter. 


44.The Ranch staff are to be informed of any calls to emergency services.

45.An incident report must be completed for any incident or near miss that occurs  on the property. This is to be completed prior to the guest departing The  Ranch. 

46.Fire Fighting, Safety and Emergency equipment must not be tampered with or  removed. Damage to such equipment will be charged to the guest.  

47.No fire may be lit on the property without the consent of Ranch staff.  

48.Fire restriction notices and Total Fire Ban days must be strictly observed.  

49.There is a defibrillator onsite (in the Chapel) if required.  

50.If you require after hours assistance, please call The Ranch on 5988 6262.  Leave a message and the manager on duty will call you back asap.



  • If you are a ‘no show’ on the day of your booking, there will be no refund issued and you will not be able to reschedule.
  • If you cancel up to 24 hrs prior to your booking, you can reschedule the date. You may only reschedule your ride and/or activity once (all reschedules must be done at the time of cancellation). 
  • If you cancel within 24 hours of your booking, a medical certificate is required to reschedule your date (all reschedules must be done at the time of cancellation). 
  • If your booking is cancelled by The Ranch (i.e. due to weather) you will have the option of a refund or to reschedule (all reschedules must be done at the time of cancellation). 
  • Activities will still operate in the rain unless it is unsafe to do so. The Ranch will notify you as early as possible if your activity has been cancelled.
  • The Ranch will not operate activities during lightning. In the instance where an activity has been stopped due to lightning, there will be a 30 min wait (from the last lightning strike) before the activity can recommence. 


  • Full payment for the accommodation is due upon booking. Guests will not be  permitted to stay unless full payment is made prior to arrival. 
    • Deposits are not refunded in the event of a client cancellation, less than 14  days prior to the booking, excluding school holidays and public holidays/long  weekends. 
    • If your booking gets cut short, you will forfeit your booking payment. 
    • In the instance a credit is issued, you will have 12 months from the cancellation date to use the credit on accommodation.
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